Design Service

At our city centre showroom we offer a design consultation service. We can work along side yourself to create your dream bathroom.


Buying a bathroom is not something you do everyday. It is an investment to your home and the wide array of choice available can make it difficult to make a decision and visualise.

The good news is NYC Bathrooms have invested in a new technology, Virtual Worlds 4D, which allows you to step inside a true-to-life simulation of your proposed room design and compare the options before making any final decisions.

Why book a Design Consultation?

Best use of Space

When it comes to a practical space like a bathroom, function has to come before form. We can make sure there is enough space between sanitaryware so people can move around, sit and stand comfortably.

Finishing Touches

Well-chosen accessories can make or break any design scheme, and the bathroom is no exception.

Future Proof

If you are in your ‘forever home’ then we can think about setting up the bathroom to be safe and functional for you and your growing family.

Correct Products

Your water system in your home will determine what products will work effectively. Low or High pressure, we can point you in the right direction.

Have a look at some examples of our work

Book a Design Consultation

If you would like to book a design consultation,

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One of our experienced members of staff will be in touch shortly after.

What information we will need

  1. Height and length of each wall.
  2. Measurements of all Door and windows.
  3. Distance between Door/Windows from walls.
  4. Location of Soil pipe.